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About us

Hello and welcome to linnet lane! 

My name is Bryony, founder of linnet lane. I have always had a love of natural materials, quality craftsmanship, and a slow and meaningful way of life. Over the last few years I have developed a passion for all things Montessori, Waldorf and respectful parenting, as well as a deep conviction in using sustainable household products. I noticed that I couldn't easily find one shop which really ticked all those boxes, so I created linnet lane myself as a place to champion those principles and a place where busy parents can easily find the products they need for their family. 

Here at linnet lane we have a passion for quality educational toys, natural materials, and simple, honest, sustainable products. We only stock items that we love and use ourselves, with an emphasis on natural, wooden, open ended toys that encourage a child's imagination and independence, and household items that help to reduce plastic waste.

Linnet lane is a small family business founded on these committed principles and your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated as we are just starting out on our journey! I share regular updates on our progress via the Linnet Lane blog, and behind the scenes videos on TikTok (@linnetlane). It is our hope to grow not only the store but also the community of people who use it, so do check out the links to our socials below.

I hope you and your family will share our journey with us.

Bryony x