30th Annual Allotment Show 2018 Part 1 – The Judging

30th Annual Allotment Show 2018 Part 1 – The Judging

This week marked a big event in my social calendar. My social calendar is virtually non-existent (I'm an incurable introvert), so you might argue that any event is a big event, but you would be being rather churlish. It's the weekend of the 30th Annual Allotment Show. I have entered the show every year since [...]

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

WELCOME Welcome to the relaunch of my blog, Linnet Lane! I am beyond excited to finally be back on the blogging waggon. For those entirely new to my blogging endeavours, this little site has been around since 2014, the year I got my house and the year my gardening journey began. In fact you can [...]


At the start of September we had a slight blip in the weather, and suffered around two weeks of damp, chilly, rain-filled days. And this happened. Yes, the ebola of the gardener's world mercilessly struck down my fruits and soon they all started to wilt. I ruthlessly pruned, tearing off any leaf or branch that [...]

The sweet smell of success

I take it all back. My earlier lament of "I can't grow flowers!" has been roundly rescinded. After three years of trying, here is my very first successful sweet pea. Hope you're watching, Granddad. I'm not sure how this has happened, as I didn't do anything other that leave the plants I had already placed [...]

Lavatera Revisited

Remember the Lavatera? Back in early June when the gardening bug first started to really take hold I thought I'd try flowers. Well. BEHOLD. In all its lone glory, the first raggedy caterpillar-eaten lavatera has produced one beeee-eautiful pink flower. Ladies and gentlemen, I HAVE GROWN A FLOWER. Now I am fully aware that lavatera [...]

‘Precoce de Louviers’ Pointy Spring Cabbage

The second thing we planted out this weekend just gone was these, the fantastically ponce-ily named 'Precoce de Louviers' Pointy Spring Cabbage: It's French, dahling. As the name suggests it's a Spring cabbage, so we've started them off now in the hope that we'll have tasty cabbages to nom in the Springtime. They're germinating in little pots [...]

Aquadulce Longpod Broad Bean

Lately we've turned our attention to the upcoming seasons, AUTUMN (and Winter!) and the impending hungry gap. It's our first winter season as Allotmenteers so we're trying our a few things both to grow and eat over the season and to overwinter into the spring. One of the four new things we planted up this weekend was [...]

How to make beetroot wine

Many months ago Tea Stew and I were in the queue to pay at Poundland. The check out lady scanned our products, held up a pack of rocket seeds and pronounced, "These are FOUR for a pound??". There was a large queue behind us. Tea Stew ran off in a blind panic and came back [...]

How not to grow rocket

Alas, another pestilent plague has wreaked havoc on our produce. This time the unfortunate victim was Tea Stew's rocket. And who was the culprit? Yep, you guessed it. Caterpillars. Again. They've nommed their way so successfully through it that we've given up all hope of eating any. Instead we have martyred our beloved vegetable to [...]