Nectar and Bumble – April Bee Box

On a lovely bee-themed giftbox I received!

One of the huge joys of blogging has been the connections I’ve made with people and causes that mean a lot to me. I’ve met so many people who like the things I like, and connected with so many small brands I otherwise wouldn’t have.

One of those is Nectar and Bumble, a company who have created a range of products highlighting the current plight of bees. TheyΒ support brands who donate to bee charities and conservations and also donate 10% of profits to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Friends of the Earth – the Bee Cause. Knowing that I have a bit of a thing with bees myself, Nectar and Bumble kindly sent me their April subscription boxΒ to try out. Here is what I thought!

The subscription box arrived in lovely cardboard packaging, and was filled with a mix of genuinely lovely items. There was a beeswax candle with a honeycomb motif and a bee emblem on the top. which is so pretty I’m not sure I can bring myself to burn it. Strangely I didn’t feel the same about the little bee chocolate in the box which got scoffed on sight almost immediately after opening the box. The box also included a bar of honey soap by Filberts which was handmade in the UK. I’ve yet to use this (again, it’s almost too nice to use!) but it looks lovely.

Also included was a sweet bee-themed tea towel from Mosney Mill. This is made from really thick cotton and like everything else in the box feels nicely made and top quality. Finally some temporary tattoos in bees and flowers themes, I can’t wait to unleash my inner flower girl this summer and wear some of these to the allotment, but they would be perfect for festivals and general summer fun.

Often these subscription boxes can come off feeling a bit cheap but this box didn’t fall into that trap at all. The items were lovely and the box would make a lovely gift for a friend or for anyone like me, who loves bees! Head to Nectar and Bumble to find out more.

Bryony x


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