30th Annual Allotment Show 2018 Part II – The Results!

Following on from my previous post (30th Annual Allotment Show 2018 Part 1 – The Judging – do have a read if you’d like to hear what goes into entering this kind of village event!) I have placed below the full list of all the categories I entered and where I placed. Largely for my own reference in future years, but also because I’m really proud of my achievements! I hope it may inspire any growers among you to consider taking part in your own local shows.

Bryony x



CLASS 9: Dahlias medium decorative
CLASS 10: Dahlias cactus or semi-cactus
CLASS 11: Dahlias water lily (3rd)
CLASS 13: Dahlias ball (3rd)
CLASS 14: Dahlias vase of five mixed
CLASS 15: Dahlias vase of five collarettes (3rd)
CLASS 34: Any succulent or cactus (2nd)


CLASS 41: Six runner beans (2nd)
CLASS 50: Four onions not exceeding 100mm in diameter (2nd)
CLASS 52: Three potatoes – white (3rd)
CLASS 54: Six shallots – large
CLASS 59: Six dwarf French beans (3rd)
CLASS 61: Two courgettes (2nd)
CLASS 62: Two squashes – any variety (3rd)
CLASS 63 Any other vegetable not mentioned in schedule (3rd)


CLASS 85: Heaviest beetroot (1st)
CLASS 88: Smallest ripe tomato (3rd)
CLASS 94: Heaviest pumpkin (3rd)
SPECIAL CLASS 95: Largest sunflower head (1st place!!)


SPECIAL CLASS 101: 30th Aniversary ‘Showstopper’ style Celebration Cake (3rd)
CLASS 102: Victoria Sandwich (1st)
CLASS 103: Five cheese scones
CLASS 104: Women’s specified cake – bara brith (3rd)
CLASS 105: Six cupcakes, own recipe (1st)
CLASS 106: Five butterfly cakes, own recipe (1st)
CLASS 107: Five flapjacks, own recipe (2nd)
CLASS 108: Five shortbread biscuits, own recipe (1st)
CLASS 109: Men’s specified cake (3rd – Tom entered this one!)
CLASS 110: Fruit crumble (3rd)
CLASS 111: Jar of jam – named
CLASS 112: Jar of jelly – named
CLASS 113: Jar of marmalade – named
CLASS 114: Jar of chutney – named
CLASS 115: Fruit cordial (1st)
CLASS 116: Bread – handmade (3rd)

The Cricket Club Salver for the most points in the Cookery Classes


CLASS 118: A scarecrow – not more than 2ft in height
CLASS 121: Any item made from wood (1st)
CLASS 122: A hand knitted or crocheted fruit or veg


CLASS 125: A firework display in flowers
CLASS 126: England’s green and pleasant land – an all foliage arrangement


CLASS 129: Portrait (2nd)
CLASS 130: Group Portrait (2nd)
CLASS 131: Selfie (3rd)
CLASS 132: The Village After Dark (1st)
CLASS 133: Pet Portrait (1st)
CLASS 134: Spring (3rd)
CLASS 135: Still life of fruit or flowers (1st)
CLASS 136: A Close Encounter (1st)
CLASS 137: A Person at Work (2nd)
CLASS 138: A ‘Local Character’ (with subject’s permission)
CLASS 139: Silhouette
CLASS 140: Photograph from “30 Years Ago” – with witty caption (1st)

The Carpenter’s Arms trophy for the most points in the Photography Classes

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