New Beginnings


Welcome to the relaunch of my blog, Linnet Lane! I am beyond excited to finally be back on the blogging waggon.

For those entirely new to my blogging endeavours, this little site has been around since 2014, the year I got my house and the year my gardening journey began. In fact you can search back through all those original posts as I’ve left them up, they’re just too good a log to remove! Events such as the first time I ever grew a crookneck squash or the day I learned that you can’t just grow any old kind of tomato in a hanging basket are just too good to assign to the halls of oblivion.

But that idea of keeping a record is what has brought me back here. I’d love to be able to look back on my thoughts and ideas as they are now in the future, and to laugh then about all the things I don’t know now.


So this will be a collection of my experiences; tales from the allotment, grower’s thoughts, hints and tips on organic, sustainable living, crafts, DIY and recipes from my very own little country kitchen. Taking my little journey online has connected me with some incredible people and brought me a sense of community I wouldn’t have been able access anywhere else, with the added bonus that it’s a truly global club! So wherever you are in the world I hope so much that you will come along for the ride and share these growing experiences with me.

Bryony x

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