The sweet smell of success

I take it all back. My earlier lament of “I can’t grow flowers!” has been roundly rescinded.

After three years of trying, here is my very first successful sweet pea. Hope you’re watching, Granddad.

I’m not sure how this has happened, as I didn’t do anything other that leave the plants I had already placed in the trellis well alone. Perhaps time was the key, aided by this absurdly warm and sunny September although that’s soon to be over perhaps, as I write this to the tune of a blaring thunderstorm doing a drum solo with the world’s most powerful strobe lighting.

But it’s a lovely little thing, and I think there might be time for one or two more yet. Then I have the whole of mellow Autumn and wuthering Winter to properly plan planting out next year’s and who knows, I may get them to come out on time.

2014-09-16 16.51.41
Sweet pea skylark mixed
2014-09-16 16.51.50
Sweet pea skylark mixed. With some rogue chamomile?? 🙂

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