Aquadulce Longpod Broad Bean

Lately we’ve turned our attention to the upcoming seasons, AUTUMN (and Winter!) and the impending hungry gap. It’s our first winter season as Allotmenteers so we’re trying our a few things both to grow and eat over the season and to overwinter into the spring.

One of the four new things we planted up this weekend was these: Aquadulce Longpod Broad Bean. As it says below, they can be sown in both Spring and Autumn, so we figured if it didn’t work we could just plant out the other half we kept back in Spring.

2014-08-31 19.03.17
Aquadulce Longpod Broad Bean

It’s a very different feeling to planting out for Summer, there’s a sort of long-termedness to it, a sense of investment and looking far ahead as the days get shorter to the hope of enjoying eating them in some future sunny season.

Of course there are still a few good things to look forward to this summer (the Lacock Garden and Allotment Association 26th Annual Flower Show is next weekend and we can’t wait to enter) but it’s nice.

Now we just need to go forage some comfrey, anybody got any??

2014-08-31 18.47.43
Aquadulce Londpod Broad Bean – planted and ready to grow. We planted them in pots to keep them safe from mice and other little nibblers.

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