Catellite Dish

We took the cats for their ‘chop’ last Friday. Bran, the ginger one, was up and running pretty well straight away. We heard he gave the staff a run for their money, putting his arm out to claw through the bars. His op was simple, no wound so no cone required.

Sapphy on the other hand. She has half her fur shaved off her side and is required to wear a buster cone to stop her licking it. A buster cone is one of those things they wear on their heads that looks like a lampshade, which needless to say she hates and seems to manage to shake it off very easily.

But the net result is we have a cat with a mandatory lampshade on its head. Cue many inappropriate names and puns.

2014-08-08 16.18.37
Kitty lampshade.
2014-08-08 16.26.02
Catellite Dish
2014-08-08 16.51.23
Kitty in a tutu.
2014-08-08 17.01.22
She wouldn’t keep the cone on like this either!

4 thoughts on “Catellite Dish

  1. Aw, Cone of Shame 😦 Has she done the thing yet where she walks everywhere backwards trying to get away from it? It’s mean to laugh, but impossible not to.


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