The Snuggle Bed

I was recently in my local Countrywide, shopping for a gift. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Countrywide, it is a kind of large rural outlet store where you can buy anything from vegetable seeds to power tools to a new riding saddle. Its tagline is aggressively “Supplying the RURAL community”, like, you can’t shop here if you from The Town, sorry. Maybe people from The Town don’t need safety footwear, 20 kilo bags of laundry powder or a kit to fertilise your cow.

Anyhow, it also sells pretty things like Hunter wellies and Joules clothing. I came across a Joules pet bed that was a faded sort of brown, with a scatty pattern of pheasants all over it and thought it very pretty. Some days later I was browsing the interwebs and saw it in the Joules store, and better – with a discount attached. So…this happened:

2014-08-07 17.13.01
Exciting floral parcel

Very excited, I immediately unwrapped it from its glorious floral casing and plonked a kitty in it. Kitty spent some minutes sniffing it suspiciously, had a small snuggle and then left to play outside. That’s fine, I thought. Later on, when they come in tired and snoozy, they’ll love it. They’ll head straight for it and curl up for the evening in it.

2014-08-07 17.19.33
Sapphy trying out her new bed with her favourite toy, Mr Duck

So where do you think my two beloved rascals slept this evening? Did they enjoy the glorious comfort of their princely new bed? Did they even enter it? Did they heck:

2014-08-07 22.03.10
Floor cuddles

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