2014-08-07 20.39.13

I took this picture today, at about 8.30 pm just after we’d watered the allotment for the evening.

Things are progressing nicely, our haul today was 9 courgettes, 7 squash, 2 cucumbers and a beetroot. The tomatoes are getting huge, especially the Genovese, which are forming clumps of huge, heavy, light green, shiny fruit. Unfortunately there is not even a hint of red (or orange!) yet but I’m sure it will come. Our little pumpkin which we planted out late is storming along.

The mange tout are totally dead though, I guess peas are early. Time to start thinking about what to plant in its place. Goodnight. x

One thought on “Moony

  1. Not a bad haul! I look forward to peaceful evenings on the allotment (in reality it will be evenings trying to get children in bed and then it will be too dark or I’ll be too knackered).


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