Nice Melons

We’re a bit behind on where we should be, with the many things to do around the house and the garden finally catching up with us, but last weekend we finally got round to planting out our melons!!

2014-07-27 18.41.04
Melon Patch

Another purchase from, these are Collective Farm Woman Cantaloupe Melon – or ‘Kolkhoznitsa’ to use the original. As you might be able to tell, they come from the Ukraine, and are therefore suitable for growing in an English climate. We let them grow out to five or so leaves long, and then pinched out the tips, resulting in a flush of sideshoots.

We dug up a further patch at the weedy end of our allotment (now leaving only the areas where the strawberry plants and raspberry canes are interspersed with the weeds which will take a little longer to clear!), and carefully planted them out, trying to splay out the sideshoots so that they would have enough space. We’re hoping to get three or four decent fruit from each plant, although we may have left it a little late. These are TeaStew’s pride and joy, so I really hope they do fruit!!

2014-07-27 18.41.32
Proud Allotmenteer.

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