Wautoma Cucumber

Wautoma Cucumber

We took another step closer to reclaiming our allotment from the ravages of nature last week.

One end of it is still a jungle, albeit a tasty jungle that has a tangle of strawberry plants and raspberry canes among the bindweed and other unwanted unidentifiables. There’s even a blueberry bush in there. But it’s mostly just untidy and long uncared for, and last week we cleared another metre or so of weed to accommodate our next kitchen garden star…

Introducing:  the Wautoma Cucumber!!

Little seeds!

It’s another purchase of realseeds.co.uk , from where we have bought most of our seeds so far. You can see some details from the photos to the right, it is a cucumber with both male and female flowers so it requires pollination and the plants would benefit from a trellis.

A trellis?

Hang on we don’t have one of those? They sound expensive. The sort of thing one might have the gardener look after on ones country estate.

No matter, we thought, we’ll worry about that later when we actually have some plants to plant out.

We planted up the seeds and found they were perfect. They were a tad slow to get going (which, let’s face it, was probably our fault somehow for not providing the optimum conditions) but once established grew up into fantastic, tall vigorous plants.

2014-07-13 15.43.38
Finished! Bamboo canes + cucumber netting = cucumber trellis

They soon outgrew the little pots we had them in, and it was time to reconsider the trellis conundrum.

If you ask the omniscient Google to define trellis, it comes back with “trellis, noun, a framework of light wooden or metal bars used as a support for fruit trees or creepers, typically fastened against a wall”.

2014-07-13 15.44.09
Built and ready to go!!

Got it. A trellis is a fancy plant support. No expensive lattice work there.

So using a bit of good old British ingenuity and a money-off voucher for Wilkinsons, we set about constructing something which would hold our fruits up off the floor.

Fortunately there was nobody else at the allotment to watch us scratch our heads over this for a good half hour, but eventually we settled upon this construction.

Six bamboo poles form the structure, and two sheets of cucumber netting are woven along the poles across the width of them. These two sheets are woven together with twine, and the whole thing is secured by more twine at the pole joins.

The whole thing is pretty sturdy and looks just like we know exactly what we are doing and constructed the whole thing to plan. Sure to get us newbies allotment brownie points and a bit of kudos with the seasoned experts.

2014-07-13 16.24.51
Finished article – homemade cucmber trellis!!
2014-07-13 16.25.12
Here’s hoping they like their new home enough to produce us some tasty cucs 🙂

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