Raised Beds 1

The home we bought when we made the massive leap from city to country life was a newbuild. This has many advantages, but the garden we got with it was nothing more than a turfed square. Yes there’s a half-hearted bit of patio, but it wasn’t exactly what you’d call inspired.

To put a positive spin on it, we have ourselves a totally blank canvas. This is a bit of a daunting prospect given that neither of us has really done much gardening before, let alone landscaping, but hey, how hard can it be? I have a clear idea of what I want to end up with, I’d like a busy cottage garden full of flowers that attract butterflies and bees, wild flowers with a lot of height, a perfumed smell, lots of herbs, and a fair bit of veg out of it too. So looking instead at that flat, bald green square was really beginning to upset me.

In fact, I just couldn’t take looking at it any more. Massively short on time and money given that we’d just moved, we bravely ventured out to B&Q anyway and came back with these, 4 flat-pack rectangular raised bed kits.

2014-06-22 12.59.33
Purchasing our shiny new goods in B&Q

A quick bit of internet research revealed they are pretty cost effective, and we imagined they would be quick and easy to assemble. We also bought 2 of the largest bags of compost B&Q do, hoping to get the rest of what we require from the mother-in-law who has a well established compost heap. The eventual plan in our journey towards self-sufficiency is to get our own composter – more on this later.

2014-06-22 17.02.32
3 out of 4 awaiting assembly!!

We soon realised they were not quick to put together. In fact, the instructions suggested a method of assembly which was different to the photo on the front of the packaging and which, due to the length of the screws provided, would not have actually worked! Fortunately we were able to find a method that did work and fitted our needs perfectly, but it still took a considerable amount of time to insert all the screws. Cue much grumbling at other half about why doesn’t he own an electric screwdriver – I think I know what I’m getting him for Christmas.

2014-06-22 17.02.48
It was tricky to put together given that the supplied instructions were wrong…
2014-06-22 17.27.28
…but fortunately we had help!

In the end it all came together, and the finished product is quite attractive. We ran out of time to actually put them in, and left that excitement for another day.

2014-06-22 17.56.35
The finished product.

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