I feel good from my head….TOMATOES!!!

Excuse the terrible pun, but we really did achieve a lot yesterday. We now have a sort of….tomato vineyard?

We spent a good three hours digging over the soil and constructing frames and wigwams, and planted up 7 orange banana, 10 costoluto genovese and 9 of the old favourite gardener’s delight.

The GD are really living up to their name, all good strong straight plants that didn’t require much supporting. Genovese were a bit more mixed, some beasts, some smaller plants, and the orange banana were all a little smaller. I had originally hoped to grow the orange bananas in hanging baskets, but it turns out ‘vine’ types and ‘trailing’ types are different. These are vine types and they don’t like baskets.

Tea Stew also corrected another misconception of mine this week concerning plum tomatoes. Currently at the supermarket I buy baby plum tomatoes, the kind like a stretched out cherry tom. I thought this was what a plum tomato was, and therefore the orange banana plum tomatoes we’re growing would be like these, but orange. Not so. Turns out ignoring the word ‘baby’ was a fatal mistake, and these tomatoes will be like the kind you eat from tins for breakfast (but orange). D’oh!

Still, they’re going to taste good either way if I can get some fruits to grow – fingers crossed for no tomato blight!!!! If all goes to plan I will have so many I’ll be able to use them like a sort of tomato currency.

2014-06-21 18.01.17
Tomato wigwams
2014-06-21 18.01.22
2014-06-21 18.01.32
Gardener’s Delight & Orange Banana
2014-06-21 18.01.44
I feel good from my head tomatoes

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