We might be new kids on the (allotment) block but we’re certainly not messing around. This weekend we planted out our large brood of squashes.

It’s a very large brood, ridiculously big, not a trace of a courgette contraceptive in sight. Back in April we sensibly sowed a few more seeds than we were hoping for, thinking they wouldn’t all grow. Naturally they all grew, and despite one or two casualties along the way we ended up with 5 courgette plants and 7 squash plants to plant out in the allotment. That’s AFTER we kept one of each back to sow at home, each in its own large pot. A kind of ‘Control Squash’ if you will. (Yes that makes it sound kind of sensible and sciencey, like it’s not at all to do with the fact that I secretly want some right here on my doorstep! Hmm…)

The Real Seed Catalogue (realseeds.co.uk), where we purchased the seeds, suggested 5 or 6 plants was a perfect amount for someone who really likes squashes. Since we’ve accidentally got 14, I have a feeling I’m going to have to get really creative later on with the squash recipes! Chutney here we come.

We sowed the squash in two rows of 6 plants, keeping as much space between them as possible while trying not to use up the whole allotment in one go. We had to zig zag them slightly!! Fortunately the courgettes are a dwarf bush type so they shouldn’t require too much room. They certainly look good, and after a good bit of weeding our allotment is starting to equal its neighbours.

2014-06-14 18.22.43
Planting up the squash
2014-06-14 18.33.53
Do I look like I know what I’m doing???
2014-06-14 19.36.50
Allotment is really starting to really take shape.

3 thoughts on “Squashed

    1. Do you know, I somehow didn’t even think of that??? I must have got squash blindness. I always just thought I’d give away the fruits, I never thought about the whole plant. Wait until they start producing fruit, my colleagues aren’t going to know what’s hit them!!


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