LGaAA 26th Annual Flower Show

One of the pleasures of living in Wiltshire is the continued presence of the kind of simple past times now often considered old-fashioned. My favourite of these by far has got to be the  Annual Flower Show. Run by the Lacock Garden & Allotment Association and now in its 26th year (although surely older than that), it is a chance for you and the rest of the village to enter up your produce for review.  Entrance is the princely sum of 25 pence; first prize is £2 along with a certain number of points, the chief collector of which gains one of the numerous trophies sponsored by the local bigwigs.

It’s good old fashioned fun. We’re planning to enter for the first time this year, which allows us to enter under the ‘novice’ category. We won’t have any flowers to display, but we’re hoping to enter all of our vegetables and fruits, at least one jam/preserve/chutney, the baking section (including the 2 set recipes, male & female), and our personal favourite, ‘Most Humorously Shaped Vegetable’. Along with ‘Largest Marrow’, this is essentially an opportunity to show off which of your creations looks most like a willy. I would very much have liked to enter this year’s new special category, ‘Tallest Sunflower’, (hence the glittery sticker on the booklet below) but it was too late in the day by the time I found out. This may be a blessing in disguise as I would no doubt have been upstaged by some tiny, more experienced farmer child anyhow.

2014-05-25 17.07.08

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