Every household must have a Billy – the infamous Ikea bookcase. We had one small one in our rented flat before we moved, as I was absolutely unable to live without a bookshelf. Now we’ve moved the same thing has happened, both of us love books and had nowhere to put them – so we upgraded. Behold, the Billy II. We got a big one.

It’s about what you’d expect, well thought through, excellently flat packed, good instructions and simple assembly. It would have been stress-free too if it weren’t for our kitty helpers, who were convinced their luck was in and we were building them a giant kitty climbing frame. They were excellent at climbing into corners, getting into things, under things, and generally nomming on things which shouldn’t be nommed upon. But we got it constructed without incident and are looking forward to the task of deciding how to organise our library.

2014-05-18 16.17.08

2014-05-18 16.50.21

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