The Greenhouse

2014-05-10 14.33.26This little beauty arrived in the post today. We’re approaching the point in our gardening adventure where our kitchen is starting to become less a safe environment for the preparation of food and more a jungle of shoots. It’s about time for hardening off most of our produce anyway, so we purchased this from It is their “Extra Wide 4-Tier Greenhouse” and it cost us £31 down from £42 which we were pretty pleased with. Here is the link if you’re interested:

It took us around twenty minutes to assemble (and probably would have been less without our “helpers” – see below), it all just slots pleasingly together and seems more sturdy than all others we saw. We set it proudly out in the garden and instantly it started tipping it down, you can see from the clouds in the picture! Despite being very blowy it has not yet not tipped over but I’m tempted to set a couple of bricks in the base to weigh it down just in case. Hopefully with care it should last.


2014-05-10 12.32.27


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