‘Red Top’ Breakfast Radish

2014-05-01 07.31.07


Eager to get started on the outside crops, I planted up some radishes in long pots three weeks ago. What could go wrong with a radish, right? Children could grow them. Impatient people like me can grow them, and have the pleasure of nomming them a few weeks later. This week  their little heads popped out sporting tiny green leaves. Can’t be much longer before I can eat one, right??


2 thoughts on “‘Red Top’ Breakfast Radish

  1. I thought the same. Sowed some seeds at the allotment, a week later some cute little seedlings like yours arrived. Roll on another week or so, and I arrived to find they had been attacked by a bird. The bird had nibbled all of them, and half up rooted most of them. With other jobs to do, I just left the seedlings to die in the sun.. but they are a tough bunch. The bird obviously did not like the taste and has not returned. The seedlings are now forming round roots – tasted one, delicious!


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