2014-04-27 10.48.14

Today (Sunday) we took a trip to the local allotments, and met with the chief chap there by chance. We’d recently put our names on the list and he had called us to mention a vacancy the previous day so we’d popped up to check out the plot. He amicably pointed us at the other site, a round the corner from where we were (alas, we had had high hopes for a patch within the grounds of the magnificent Lacock Abbey). This is it – Plot 9.

We haven’t had an allotment before, despite wanting one for ages. Our names were on the Bristol waiting list but the list was almost 200 people long and the price wasn’t much smaller. We couldn’t believe it when Mother Tea-Stew, a big cheese on the allotment committee, told us that rent on this princely patch of earth would cost in the region of £15. Was that per year, we asked, or per month, expecting the latter.

So Plot 9 it is. Not too shabby even by our inexperienced standards. We’ve sent our email request off, asking if we might take it please thank you very much – just waiting now with fingers crossed.

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