Real Seed Catalogue


A pretty brown envelope landed on our doormat this week – our mail order seeds had arrived!!

We ordered a bunch of seeds from this website: In a nutshell, it’s a homegrown collective of tried and tested seeds suitable for growing in British back gardens. They have some excellent and unusual varieties – check them out. We hadn’t used them before but everything arrived as requested in good time, and I would recommend them purely on the range of cool things on offer.

I adore tomatoes, so I chose 2 type of vine tomato to add to my Gardener’s Delight which are already growing. ‘Orange banana’ was one, and ‘Costoluto Genovese’ (a large ribbed variety) the other.

Courgettes are another top favourite of mine, so we selected ‘Verdi di Milano’ dwarf bush courgette, and I couldn’t resist the lure of ‘summer crookneck’ squash, a bright lemon yellow bulbous fruit with a curved ‘crook’ neck. Can’t wait to taste it. I also chose some ‘Wautoma’ cucumbers.

Other half excitedly chose ‘Collective Farm Woman’ cantaloupe melon, a Ukrainian variety that allegedly ripens early in cool conditions. (I’m suspicious but I’ve also secretly got my fingers crossed for melon wine.) We also ordered radishes, and basil to go with the mint I’ve already got on the go. Individual posts to follow!

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